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Appreciation post: 3D Printing Edition

So, this may be a weird first post for a website/blog... but, here goes. I spend a lot of time watching YouTube videos..., Like, an inordinate amount of time. Some people may refer to it as YouTube university. I feel you can find knowledge anywhere..., why not something as useful and versatile as Youtube. This first post will concentrate on the 3d Printing rockstars I follow. The 3D printing Nerd: Makers Muse:

Uncle Jessy:


Make With Tech: (formerly Dr. Vax)

Teaching Tech:

3D Printed Tabletop:

3D Print Farm:


CNC Kitchen:

Tomb of 3D Printed Horrors:

All of these channels have provided great reviews of products, tips and tricks, and even in depth how to guides. They are all worth checking out. Let me put the knowledge I've gathered from countless hours of watching these amazing makers into practical use for YOU. In the words of Irv Shapiro (Dr. Vax / Make With Tech)... "Lets learn(make) something together".

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