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3D Print on Demand Info:

We are equipped to help anyone leverage 3D Printed parts or gifts for use in real-world applications. If you have ordered 3D Printing Services in the past or are a new customer, please visit our Contact and Quotes page to discuss what you'd like to have done.

If you are new to ordering 3D printing services – don’t worry – we make it easy! We are happy to answer your questions and will help you get the best print for your needed application.

What do I need to order 3D Printed Parts/Items?

The process is easy and can be broken down into these steps.

Steps we'll work through together:

Whether you're looking at prototyping parts, or just trying to get a gift made for someone special.
Maybe you need that one awesome part for a cosplay, or special occasion costume.
We're here to work with you to make sure that you get exactly what you're expecting.   I'm going to virtually hold your hand through every step... so..., Don't be afraid to ask questions and tell me exactly what you're looking for.

Send us your 3D file:


If possible, we prefer to use .stl files.   Other file types that may work include: SLDPRT, PRT, SLDASM, CATPART, CATPRODUCT, IGS, IGES, STP, STEP, VDA, ASM, X_T, X_B, SAT, PAR, PSM, 3DX, WRL, and .3DS, .SVG, .DXF.

If you don't have a 3d file, you can visit sites such as ThingiverseCults3dThangs or to find usable files.

Final Size of your item:


This is pretty self explanatory.
If you have a part that needs to be dimensionally accurate, obviously, I need to know those dimensions.   If you're just looking for a desk decoration, you could probably say "I'd like this to be around 5" tall".    The size range can vary greatly.   Multi part FDM prints can be quite large as they are printed in smaller pieces.   Very detailed (small) items can be printed on a resin printer.

  • This can all be discussed in your request for quote.

What type of 3D Print:


What type of print do you need?   FDM filament based(usually used for larger items, ie: display pieces, lithophanes), or Resin(usually used for small items with lots of detail, ie: miniatures)



This goes hand in hand with the "type" of print.
FDM Materials available:

  • PLA: This plastic is a little more brittle, and is a good general purpose plastic for display pieces, usable mechanical parts(as long as there's not a lot of stress), and prototyping.  (Available in lots of colors)

  • PETG:  Stronger plastic, can be used for mechanical items and can take a little more stress.  Will withstand more outside weather.  Is food safe.

Resin:   Used for smaller items <6" or so.   Used for miniatures.  Can be fairly brittle.
The color of the resin may vary.   I sometimes mix colors to form a more stable resin(also, generally these pieces will be painted.

Due Date:


This will give me a general idea of when you'd like the project done.
Some projects will take longer than others... This can all be discussed in your request for quote.

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How would you like to be contacted?

If you already have an STL file, don't forget to submit it below.

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