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**The Grand Hunt**

A mysterious Tiefling from lands unknown. Far East, West or South, none know. Yet her tongue is exotic as like her dress, weapons and jewels. Claiming to come from an ancient line of royalty long since ended. Karina is unaging, claiming to have been born in the early days of the Second Era. She hunts in Tharador for in her homeland she is hunted herself, she claims this helps her understand her own pursuers better and how to counter them.

Visit the DM Stash Patreon page for lore, and how to use them in D&D 5th Edition.
These miniatures could also be good for use in other tabletop wargames and skirmish games, such as Warhammer, HeroQuest or Reign in Hell.
These resin prints are available in 32mm and 75mm scale, please make your selection below.

Karina Remar – The Lost Queen

    • All my resin miniatures will come unassembled.
    • Supports will be painstakingly removed, but there may be small blemishes, and possibly even a stray piece of support left here and there.
    • Additional post processing may be required(ie: light sanding to make pieces fit, support cleanup)
    • Resin color varies - I tend to use Gray, White, Fleshtone, Red and mixes containing any of the above. - Understand that the models will look good(but you're probably going to want to paint them)
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