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**Masters of the Arcane**

Known among many of his comrades as Byrè-Myn Fyreth, One-Man Army. Zyril is infamous for his single hold out in the town of Tara when it was first assaulted by Coalition forces. It is said single-handed he slew nigh a hundred soldiers who tried to force themselves into the bedchamber of the Syrintir’s keep until finally he cast a portal that allowed himself and the dozen nobles trapped within to escape to Nirloom. Knighted for his bravery, Zyril suffered grievous wounds in battle. Earning favour with the Syrintir’s they negotiated for him to never set foot on the front lines again, instead serving til the war’s end as their daughter Irivyl’s bodyguard, the Blind Seeress. Now amongst the Magistrates he remains, an elf of which few words escape his mouth, though within his mind many are spoken as constantly he recalls his brush with death and the enduring desperation that clung him to life.

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Zyril the Spellknight

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